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Q & A

Are your photos real?

Aren’t all photos? I know in this day and age there are different types of photography and the actual outcome of the picture can be manipulated by so many apps and tools it can be overwhelming.

I think the key is not to dwell on the detail but to just appreciate it as the art form it is. My photos are a way for me to express my creativity and share stories. I like to ensure the photo is still a true representation of what I experienced in that moment, I use a canon camera and style the pictures myself and of course I am lucky enough to have fallen in love with someone who is as patient as I am when it comes to taking a photo. I then at times edit them on my phone with just the apple application or if I have time they will be done through lightroom, which to be honest I am a total novice on and would love your knowledge on! (My first photo I posted on this blog is the first one I ever altered using lightroom!)


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