Pilbara Sunrise

Pilbara Sunrise


Sunrise. Whether you are bright and bushy by this time or stumbling around with your eyes half shut, crashing around in the kitchen for the first cuppa of the day. For me, it’s a time to set intentions, be it for the following hour, day, week, month or year.

I am very fortunate to wake up in the beautiful Pilbara Desert of Western Australia. The sunrise here not only allows me to set these intentions and prepare for the day ahead, but serves as a reminder to why I am here, the sacrifices I am making and that it is the right thing and the right path for me to take for now.

The known effect that mining life can have on individuals and the land fades into the distance when I disconnect from the work going on around me. The colours, foreign landscape and nature provide the most spectacular colour vibrations.

The historical significance of this grandiose land, the burnt red dirt, blue skies with an earthy hint of greenery at times. The feel of dryness and drought and the absence of anything around you. I note the gorgeous pinks and oranges, greys and blues mixed together like some incredible water colour painting. No picture captures this better that the naked eye.

With a blink, the scene changes in colour, feeling and temperature. The expression on your face, the mind, the heart transitions, heightening and enlighten emotions and thoughts. I find myself speechless.

I work in the kitchen on a mine site. I am a plant based earth lover, wanderer, social justice pioneer, dirty pour paint experimenter, yogi, reiki healer, colonic hydrotherapy student and self-acclaimed free spirit. Most of the time, I feel completely lost in an opposite life, trapped from expressing, encouraging, lifting, guiding people the way I love and used to in my past city dwelling life. There are times it’s difficult to stay positive in my daily grind as it challenges my morals and ethics in work, life and play. I struggle to remember who I am and what my purpose is, as I sell myself to ‘the man’.

It was at a time of struggle, my wholehearted, rambunctious beautifully spirited friend Miss @salty_wild_moon_child asked if I would write a passage for @Thesaltywild

Signs are sometimes sent and received at the most poignant time in our lives, this timing kept me motivated, grounded and will keep me going until my release from the mines.

I imagine I will intermittently send ramblings with pictorial gatherings to Moon Child for posting here, you may stop by to engage, you may skim through, but I hope you find comic relief and insight into me, my world, my experiences and way of being.

Much Love,

La Qaintrelle (@jembraam)

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