Seconds Beach, Dunedin

We visit Dunedin in New Zealand often as this is my partners home town. We always stay in the best part, (St Clair) right next to the ocean. There is a little cafe and bar strip along the esplanade and at the end there is an outdoor saltwater pool, similar to the one in Bondi, on the rocks next to the ocean, but much less crowded, less instagrammed and much much colder.

To the right of this is a little track which takes you to some beautiful cliff faces and Seconds Beach. Sometimes you can see seals, sunbathing on the rocks, other times you have this mini sanctuary to yourself. Occasionally James would suit up and paddle out if the swell was right.

This is one of the first set of photos we took with our DLSR. It was just after we bought it in Dunedin from a local camera shop called “Jonathans Photo Warehouse” and I remember how James’s mother encouraged us to support the locals (we have way too many chain stores these days!).

You can see how good I was at keeping still while poor novice James fiddled around with the camera settings. At this point I was oblivious to how I may start using these photos to document  stories and I was very naive at how difficult it was to capture the right photo with the right light. Lucky enough for me, I was marrying an artist who would later teach me the importance of the right balance between light and shadows.

So with my salty hair drying in the wind and the sun on my skin, I frolicked along at seconds beach with my partner by my side who was constantly analysing whether the storm that was brewing would bring waves.

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